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Taela Smith reviews Over the Rainbow

In her Amazon Review, Taela Smith states


“Over the Rainbow » was a very rare find for me – a short story collection with no weak spots.

“Some of the authors I recognized going in as long-time favourites: Fiona Patton, whose story « I Am Not Broken » was an intricate and entertaining blend of fairy tale and science fiction; Kate Story, whose story in this collection entitled « Martinis, My Dear, Are Dangerous » is the perfect blend of creepy and lovely.

“Others I was delighted to be introduced to here for the first time, like Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, whose story « White Rose, Red Thorns » introduces a universe of interconnected fairy tales and a love story whose happy ending was decades in the making.

“Overall, the collection was an excellent look at the relationship that stories have to the categories that define us and how we can overturn those categories to make the story our own. With a mixture of short, often humorous tales and longer, more literary gems, each story seems carefully chosen to both stand strong on its own merits while simultaneously strengthening the collection as a whole.

“The stories inside offer a unique, and uniformly well-written take on fairy tales . . . from the margins.”


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These Beans Lost Jack

Speculating Canada reviews Ace Jordyn’s “The Story of the Three Magic Beans” from Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales From The Margins

Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

These Beans Lost Jack

A review of Ace Jordyn’s “The Story of the Three Magic Beans” in Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins (Exile Editions, 2018)

By Derek Newman-Stille

Do magic beans ever get tired of granting wishes? Do they ever get frustrated with having to fulfill everyone else’s dreams instead of their own? Do they ever crave a normal life without all of that magic where they can just soak up some water, nest in the soil, and get warm in the sun? Ace Jordyn’s “The Story of the Three Magic Beans” answers those questions with a resounding “YES!”. Where Rati Mehrotra’s story took readers into the animal world, Ace Jordyn’s tale brings us into the vegetative world.

Plants and plant products play an important role in fairy tales. They are often catalysts for change and transformation, but they don’t often get the credit they…

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